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Dos and Don’ts when Bridesmaids Dress Shopping

Bridesmaids dress shopping should be fun and a great time for everyone to get to know each other before the hen do and the wedding!

Here are a few dos and don’ts to think about before your appointment.

It’s important to take all your bridesmaids with you so you can make sure everyone is happy with the dress chosen. Don’t forget to check how everyone feels in the dress - sometimes it can work well mixing styles and keeping the same colour to make sure everyone is comfortable.

We recommend looking at how the fabrics look together; compare your wedding dress fabric with a variety of bridesmaid dress fabrics to see what works best and will photograph well when near each other.

Not only is it useful to make sure the bridesmaids dress colour fits the theme you are going for but it’s key to make sure the colour looks good against your skin tone as you will be next to this colour throughout the day and especially in photographs.

It’s worth remembering that these dresses will need to be ordered in specifically and can take a few months. We recommend ordering the dresses 6-9 months before the wedding to allow time for production, delivery and alterations. The dress might fit perfectly or depending on height you might need the length taking up and a few tweaks here and there. It’s useful to factor this cost in and look to book in with a seamstress in advance as they can book up quite quickly.

Lastly, you need to think about the cost - maybe the bride is purchasing the bridesmaid dresses or each bridesmaid is buying their own. It is good to understand everyones budget in advance so all bridesmaids are comfortable with the dresses being tried on and therefore purchased.

We would love to show you our collection in store. Book a bridesmaid appointment online or reach out to us to find out more!


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Hi, I'm Harriet! I have a background in Psychology and a passion for styling and design. Working within a bridal boutique I am able to share all of my tips, tricks and insider knowledge to help you plan for your big day!

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