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Privacy Policy


At The Bridal Dress Company your privacy is very important to us.  We treat it and any information that you give us with as much care and respect as possible.  The Privacy policy below describes how The Bridal Dress Company collects and uses information about its customers and website visitors.

At The Bridal Dress Company we may collect personal information from you in order to provide a service.  Such information is provided by you on a voluntary basis and may include, but not limited to name, email address, telephone number and other.  We may use your information to send you notifications, to arrange appointments, provide updates and advice or other relevant information.

All personal information collected by The Bridal Dress Company is treated as strictly confidential. We do not sell or pass any information collected. We may disclose your personal information if required by law and we may disclose part of your personal information to our designers when this is required in order to acquire the products you have ordered or requested further information on.

We guarantee that we strictly apply measures to protect any personal information that is stored whether electronically or in paper format.

If you have any requests concerning your personal data or any other queries with regards to how we look after your personal information, please contact us at

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