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Top Tips For Visiting Your First Bridal Shop

Heading to your first ever bridal appointment is an incredibly exciting experience! It can also be a little bit daunting if you don’t know what to expect; here are some of our best tips to prepare you and ensure you have an unforgettable day.

Where should I book in for an appointment?

Firstly it is really important that you do some research into the boutiques you would like to visit, do they stock the designer you’ve always dreamt of

wearing? Do they carry dresses that match your style? Have a look through their website, their social media feeds and their designers to help you decide. It is a great idea to have looked at your budget at this stage, be sure to factor in the cost of a seamstress also, pricing for this can vary depending on the alterations required, we suggest allowing up to £300 to cover this.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing nude or seamless underwear to your appointment. Many wedding dresses are fitted with cups and boning to allow you to go bra-free on your big day, however you may wish to wear or bring a nude/strapless bra for additional support. This tip is optional and completely down to individual style; but some brides like to pop on a little bit of make up and style their hair in their favourite way before coming to their appointment to allow them to best picture how the dresses would look on the day.

What should I bring with me?

This may be the most important tip, come along with an open mind - of course you may have pictured what your dream dress will look like but don’t let that stop you from trying on different styles, if anything, it may help confirm that your chosen silhouette is the perfect one for you! You may wish to bring a pair of shoes with you, either the ones you’re planning on wearing on your wedding day or a shoe with a similar heel height, whether that’s a stiletto heel, a kitten heel or a flat trainer - all of these can look incredible peeping out from under your dress. If you have a veil or hair accessory that you’ve already purchased or will be borrowing on the day, bring it along too! It can really help you visualise the full look.

Who should I bring?

Be sure to only bring with you family and friends whose opinions you trust and value. It can be overwhelming if there are too many opinions on each dress, so I would try and limit the number of guests to three, possibly something to bear in mind if you have a large bridal party. This way you’ll be able to make a clearer and easier decision about each dress.


Don’t feel pressured into buying a dress straight away, it is a truly magical moment when you find the perfect dress but don’t be afraid to take your time, why not discuss it over some lunch and a cocktail! Most boutiques are more than happy for you to come back and try on your favourite dress again.

Above all else, have fun!

Do you have any other questions or any advice you’d like us to share with future brides-to-be? Drop us an email and let us know:



About the Writer

Hi, I'm Harriet! I have a background in Psychology and a passion for styling and design. Working within a bridal boutique I am able to share all of my tips, tricks and insider knowledge to help you plan for your big day!

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