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How to Narrow Down Your Search for the Perfect Wedding Dress

With rails and rails of dresses and endless metres of tulle and organza, the options can be overwhelming. This guide will help you shortlist the selection and say yes to the dress!

Always approach each bridal shop with a positive mindset and be ready to try on a vast collection of dresses - you never know which will be the one! Try on as many different silhouettes as possible to help you find the perfect fit. Even if it’s a style you would have never considered, try it on! It’s a great way of ruling out certain shapes as well. Once you’ve found a silhouette you love, you can then look at selection of dresses in that shape.

Be super honest with your bridal specialist, make them aware of your budget so that you don’t fall in love with a dress that is out of your price range. You also need to be honest about how you’re feeling in each of the dresses - the bits you love and hate - they use this information to narrow down your search. Put your trust in their experience, they know exactly how each dress fits the body and you’d be amazed how different they can look on and off the hanger!

Consider your venue and wedding date, do they affect the style of dress you’d like? A lightweight boho gown may be the perfect suitor for a summer beach wedding, however it may not be as appropriate for a winter wedding at a Manor House. Also have a think about time frames; most bridal shops will recommend picking out a dress a year before the wedding, ideally we ask for at least six months, this provides ample time to order your dress in and have it altered.

Shop for how you’d like to feel on the day, whether you want to feel comfortable, sexy, elegant, the list is endless, but shop with that feeling in mind. It can be a good idea to have thought about your body shape and how your favourite clothes fit you, think about your favourite features and look for a dress that can accentuate them. If you love your shoulders and collarbones, you’re going to love a strapless dress, show off your curves in a mermaid silhouette or if you love cinching in your waist, then an a-line fit is the one for you! You still want to feel like yourself; let your dress be a reflection of your personality!

Try not to be overly critical of yourself, I know this can be really tricky in a room surrounded by mirrors but listen to your friends and family, their perception of your insecurities will be entirely different to yours. At the same time, don’t wait for tears to know its the perfect dress, its not always like it is in the movies! Visualising the dress altered exactly to your body can also be really challenging, with the majority of boutiques only carrying one size of each style, you need to try and look past any open zips or clips pulling the dress in. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your dress, there are so many different alterations that can be made - but bear in mind, the more intricate the alterations, the more they will cost.

Best of luck in your wedding dress search!

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About the Writer

Hi, I'm Harriet! I have a background in Psychology and a passion for styling and design. Working within a bridal boutique I am able to share all of my tips, tricks and insider knowledge to help you plan for your big day!

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